Vision and Values

St Martin's Vision


At St. Martin's School your child can expect:

• to be well taught using a creative and rich curriculum that makes learning engaging and relevant by building on a firm foundation of core skills

• to be challenged and supported to aim high in academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, to fulfil their potential and become a well-rounded individual and independent learner

• to be part of and contribute to a positive and inclusive community where all can grow in confidence and strive for continuous improvement

• to use our extensive grounds in all aspects of learning including wellbeing and fitness, creative inspiration, exploration of the natural environment and issues of sustainability.

Our value for the month of March is Respect:

Respect ourselves, respect others and respect our environment.

St Martin's Values and Ethos

We are a Church school and enjoy close links with the community of St. Martin’s Church (CofE / Methodist) sharing an understanding of Christian beliefs and practices. St Martin’s is an inclusive school, educating children in an environment that sees the value of diversity and offers support for all pupils whilst actively promoting British Values. It is open to all those children who meet the entry criteria, set by the local education authority. We recognise and celebrate differences between people; we welcome those of any religious belief or none. At St Martin's we have a values-led curriculum. This means that we use a specific set of values in our teaching and as a way to reinforce positive behaviour at school and in later life. We base these values on those established by the Church of England, which we believe are the basis for good citizenship and a fair, inclusive society.

Unlocking potential is our goal. Inside every child there are talents. These we seek to nurture to ensure that each child knows what success feels like and the confidence that it brings. We will work in partnership with you to ensure that your child aims to be the best that they can be.